My Christmas Presents

Posted by on Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Late much? 

I haven't seen too many of these, so either it's incredibly tacky or people just don't do them. I'm mildly cautious but OK.

I totally stacked them all up in a box. Some of the stuff in there isn't beauty related so I'm not covering it.
A brush roll from Studio! I like most of the brushes, but the gel eyeliner brush is incredibly stiff and scratchy. There's no way that's going near my eyelid.
 Superdrugs did these little gift sets of MUA products for £2 in the run up to Christmas. I already have two out of the three shades, but one had broken. The duochrome one has gone into the giveaway pile and the top shade makes a great highlighter.
 A cosmetics holder/sorter! I'm not sure where this came from, but it's seriously neat.
 I'd asked for this because I have a tonne of old polishes that are too thick to use. The bottle is huge. Hopefully, it'll last me a long time.
 I found it curious that the dropper was bent, though!
Lastly, Boots No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara. I've seen good reviews of this so I have high hopes for it. I think this came with the free eyeshadow palette, back when they were giving out the vouchers, but my mum kept that for herself trololol.

Not pictured are the Sleek palettes (Two Sparkles and an Original). I wanted to buy the Good Girl one but it was all sold out (yes, I did pick out my own presents. Problem? ;D) so I got two Sparkle palettes with the intention of selling one.

What did you guys get for Christmas, if you celebrate it?


  1. id love to see a seche restore review

  2. Seche Restore is a must-have. It raised my CG Fairy Dust from the......dust.

  3. Wow, the brush set looks awesome! I need good brushes in my life fast, I have way too few. Nice presents!


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