Layering Experiments II

Posted by on Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nails Inc "Lowndes Square" with a generic silver glitter polish layered over it.

 I quite like it! Usually the silver glitter lives out it's days on a black or dark blue background, so this nearly black red is a bit of a change.
I like layering, it's such an easy way to switch up your manicure. What are your favourite colours to layer over one another?


  1. Layering gives more bang for the buck, it's true. I'd say Nubar 2010/GOSH Rainbow over anything.

    Lena, if you do not have GOSH Rainbow get yourself down Superdrug and BUY! China Glaze Fairy Dust over anything is great. Sally's. Wait for a BOGOF.

  2. hey lena. hope you still remember me? :D
    seriously, i use glitter over anything! i like the bling, you know.. :)

  3. nice many,i love this tipe of mani, i do them a lot :-)

  4. That sounds like a lush combination. Jaljen, you're so bad for my wallet :P

    I'd been eyeing up Holographic as well so this has just twisted my arm :P

    JAAAAAAAN! Yeah, I remember you! How could I forget lol :P Bling is amazing! And where have you been? Lol hope you're alright!

    Thanks for the comment, nail crazy! I like them too, they're really easy.

  5. lena, i've been busy working my pretty a$$ off lol
    how are you? i'm blogging again, visit my blog and i have a new template lol

    happy weekend! :)

  6. lmao! I hope it hasn't been too bad for you :P

    Awesome to hear that you're blogging again! I'm going to go check it out now. Have a good weekend as well! :)


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