Nails Inc "Kabaret" and a last look at the collection as a whole.

Posted by on Friday, January 07, 2011

The last of the Nails Inc Autumn/Winter Collection, and to me, the most disappointing. I'm disappointed that it's disappointing (how many more times should I use that word?) because the colour looked so promising in the bottle. Sadly, that just didn't translate to the nail.

 This first picture has a topcoat with sparse amounts of hexagonal glitter on it. I added this because sometimes the extra gloss provided with a topcoat improves the look of a polish. Unfortunately, this didn't do much for the polish. The blue threads inside failed to effectively transfer that "lit from within" look which I assume Nails Inc were going for, judging by the bottle appereance and some of their previous polishes.
 You might think that the lack of depth in the photo is due to the abscence of natural sunlight but it's not. There's only a marginal difference between the polish viewed under artifical vs. sunlight. I would have taken it outside anyway but this is England. There is no sunlight.
Perhaps I over exaggerated somewhat, haha. But seriously, even at say seven in the morning, you look out of the window and the whole neighbourhood is pitch black. 
This polish just wasn't a winner for me, especially as it went on incredibly weak and pathetic. It needed three coats to reach maximum opacity, and chipped a lot quicker than the other three in this collection.

Overall, I think the collection is a hit. Three out of four is damn good.

Have you guys heard that Nails Inc are starting up the Diet Coke/Free Polish promotions again? I personally detest Coke in all it's forms but will purchase it anyway because some of those shades look lovely. The light pink and the blue in particular. The red is take it or leave it and I don't really like the "Cool Caramel" shade. It's reminiscent of the "London" polish that they were giving away last time which everyone went crazy for. I supposed they'd make good nude polishes if you had a light skintone.


  1. More diet Coke polishes?! I hadn't heard ... now I've got to think of which of my UK friends to pester to get me some. No, not pester--arrange a swap with, that sounds better. :)

  2. Uh. Just another pointless near-black. They do some good colours - Aspen is one. But they do a load of dross too.

  3. Lmao. Good idea, KarenD :P

    @jaljen: I know. How disappointing.


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