Collection 2000 Hot Looks Nail Polish in "Blue Hawaii"

Posted by on Thursday, January 20, 2011


 Can you see those grooves in the top of the bottle? Do you know what they were made by?
A dragon? A crocodile? A Jabberwocky or something equally fearsome?

 No. My dear friends, these were created by the power of teeth alone. My teeth, to be specific. This curious situation arose when I first got this bottle and could not, for the /life/ of me, open it. I tried everything. Towels, opposing hands, oil, water and sheer brute force were all used in my attempt to open it. Zilch. Nada.
Perhaps I should have given in and handed it to my Dad by this point, but me, being ~forever proud~ decided to utilise my teeth.
Meh. It worked.
Do you like my handiwork? I felt proud in a slightly perverse way for managing to damage the bottle such. The grooves are all the way around the lid.

This polish sucks harder than the last one (Big Hair). Bubbles more. Takes longer to dry. More watery and...yeah. All round crap. Even the colour is decidedly generic - I have about three this colour, honestly. I hate it.


  1. hey lena, don't ever do that again please?! that might chip your teeth. have you tried rubberband? i heard it works! read it from steffie. see here -->

    oh crap! i kinda like the color.. but not the formula!

  2. The colour IS good. Immerse in hot water for a while? Not you. The bottle.

  3. Lmao Jan, thanks for the tip!
    Formula is awful. Weird thing is, a lot of people seem to like these so I'm tempted to just randomly send them off to someone else to see if I'm correct in my review :/

    Lol jaljen, that's a pretty good idea!

  4. OK then. I already have your address from last time :P I'll email you when they're sent!

  5. Im sorry it didnt work out! (you can send it to me too :)

  6. I have three bottles (not of the same colour, lol!), Toesthattwinkle. Do you mind mailing me your address at


  7. thanks lena. i have some new make up that i thought you'd like :) i can send them over! can you email me your address?


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