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French manicure, pure and simple. My form tutor has explicately OK'D this particular brand of nail polish. It's officially legal. Woot, I guess. What a shame it's so dull.

 I hope you can see the rhinestones I stuck on the thumb to jazz it up a bit. I covered it with a thick layer of Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri (it's coming nearer and nearer to the end of the bottle so it's now quite gloopy and picks up colour from my other manicures) so that they would be less likely to fall off. Worked, for the most part.
 The ring finger looks the neatest. Apologies for the streak of green on the index finger - the topcoat picked up some colour from a previous manicure which I didn't realise until I topcoated this manicure. Fail.
I wore this for like two days before I craved colour, lol. It's half term now anyway.

What are your opinions on the classic french manicure? Like? Dislike? Don't care?


  1. i love the classic french mani! I like how simple it looks yet so elegant. but i do tend to spice it up abit by subtituting the white tips for orange or pink ones, whichever suits my mood that day. so its really no surprise that im loving ur mani with the rhinestones. :D love!

  2. Aw thanks xnosugaraddedx! I like your idea of changing the tips. Orange tips sound interesting - I should try that sometime. Thanks for the advice!

  3. no problem. :) love ur nail arts.


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