Complete and utter rage.

Posted by on Friday, October 22, 2010

So the Government cuts meant that they've stopped producing NI (National Insurance cards, for those that don't know what this is - basically, you get one when you're sixteen or just about to turn sixteen and it means you pay tax on your earnings and...stuff) cards. They sent me one a couple of weeks back but /butchered/ my middle name (and did the same thing to another friend of mine with a foreign middle name, clearly this is a conspiracy) so we sent it back, not realising that we wouldn't get it back. They reply with the information above and a paltry letter with a serial number on it. A letter. Yes, for real. I don't want a bloody letter. I want a card! *incoherent ranting*

No but seriously we rang them up, begged, pleaded and offered to pay ourselves. No, the original card has been destroyed. No sorry, you can't buy one. No, there is no way we can help you. Yes, this is an 0800 phone number.

I may well be coming off as a petulant teenager but it actually meant something to me :(

On the plus side, yey half term.

I'd swap my half term for an NI card though.


  1. That is so messed up. It's like buying a chocolate bar and finding out that it's stale, but instead of giving you a new one, the storekeeper throws the chocolate into the furnace. Why would they do that? And what harm would it do to give you back the card? What acts of unspeakable evil could you possibly commit with it? o_O

  2. Lol thanks ChaosButterfly. I don't even know...shaking my head at this decision. rage. RAGE. Anyway, thanks for the comment and understanding lol.

  3. How are people expected to keep their number safe on a PIECE OF PAPER that has to last a LIFETIME :O

    Thankfully, I got mine last year but I can imagine your rage.

  4. Exactly. A piece of paper. Oh, but here's the good bit! The man kindly informed me that you can request "as many letters as you want".


    Words cannot describe.
    Lucky you got yours while you still could. Keep it safe.


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