First ASOS Order - Damn, they ship fast.

Posted by on Tuesday, October 05, 2010

 Do you see it? DO YOU SEE IT? Haha, so excited. Got home from school to find this beauty on my kitchen table (thanks Mum). I only ordered on Monday, as well. Postage was a bit steep (£3.95 when the total of my items ordered only came to £4) but this was seriously quick so I'll let them off. Bought this with some of the money from my first pay cheque so I'm in a good mood!
 Nicely packed. Last thing that you want when ordering online is broken and leaking bottles of potential toxic fluid everywhere. I suppose the box is a bit big but whatever, I can reuse it.
Orange: Olivia
Purple: Megan
Green/Turquoise: Lily
Navy Blue: Alexa
Apparantly these are all named after famous fashion icons. I can guess the last two pretty easily but am kind of stumped on the first two. *ponders*
I haven't tried them out yet but they look /so/ incredibly pretty and cute. Can't wait.


  1. Hey hunny, asos sale was awesome

    I ordered megan, alexa, kate & eyeko indigo :-)

    I would assume

    Olive Polmero - the city- always wearing orange/red talons

    and maybe...Megan who knows..
    Just a mad guess

    Hope studies going well xx

  2. Hey! It was wasn't it? And nice, we got some of the same colours! Great minds think alike :P

    Yeah, I was thinking Megan Fox (haven't heard of Olive Polmero lol) and also Lily Allen and Alexa Chung. Not sure really.

    My studies are going good thanks, you? From what I hear you've been swamped with work :(

  3. I think she meant "Olivia Palmero". I'm not sure if I should order some though because shipping is outrageous to Canada.

  4. I have some asos paint pots too, but I have Sienna, Chloë, Blake and Lauren.
    And yeah, they mean Olivia Palermo, you know, from MTV's The City. Megan Fox, Lilly Allen, Alexa Chung, those are all right :) So glad that shipping became cheaper in Europe!


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