Halloween nails.

Posted by on Sunday, October 31, 2010

 As I'm sure most of you know by now, I live in England. Halloween is not big in England, or Europe for that matter. Quite frankly we just don't care. So for the past week I've seen my blogroll blow up with primarily American/Canadian bloggers excitedly posting their halloween manicures and I'm just like, "Whatever, no one cares over here." Do you know how many trick or treaters we got today? None. We bought sweets specially and everything.
 This is Frankenstein, by the way. Did you know that's a misconception, that his name is Frankenstein? We studied the book in Year Nine and the name of the doctor who creates him is Frankenstein. What we know and love as Frankenstein is simply referred to as "The Monster"
 So anyway in Europe nobody cares. But I made these anyway just to fit in with the cool crowd. Yey for sheepism!
Having a good Halloween, everyone? Ours is nearly over - it's half eleven right now.Which means I have to go to bed soon. And wake up. And go to school. Yes, half term is over.

le sigh.


  1. Cute manicure! Even though Halloween is big here, we haven't been getting many trick or treaters tonight. Our neighborhood is usually pretty quiet on Halloween.

  2. Aww, this is adorable!!!

    I don't care about Halloween either...costumes and pumpkins and scariness can go sit down someplace. My main concern is the candies. *___*

  3. I'm not a fan of Halloween myself. In fact, I went out to an unusually long dinner just so I wouldn't have kids knocking on my door all night. Hee hee! I like your mani.

  4. Thanks Serena! You don't get many trick or treaters either? Is that good or bad lol :P

    Chaos Butterfly: Thanks very much! *hi fives* we share the same opinion. I just haven't been brought up with it so it's not a big deal for me lol. And yes. Candies should be everyone's main concern - I have such a sweet tooth!

    Starving Nail Addict: Smart move! And thanks very much.


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