This should be a real animal

Posted by on Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just imagine a leopard with this sort of colouring. How awesome would that be? Very awesome, me thinks. Not very practical, camoflauge wise and all that, but awesome nonetheless.

This is ASOS Olivia and the dots are Barry M's Cyan Blue. I find it to be the second best, application wise, of the Nail Paints I have tried (with first place going to the ever flawless, amazing Raspberry). I outlined the whole thing with a nail art pen I ordered from eBay.
 Had no idea whether this suited my nails but thought it looked badass anyway :P
I do love my leopard prints, they're an easy way of spicing up a manicure when you're too tired/uninspired to do anything else. I think I've done quite enough now though, time for a change of pace. I need to showcase some of the "designs" (read - sticker application) I've made with the cheapo kits from Poundland and then try my hand at freehand again. Pathetic pun was intended.


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