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Posted by on Saturday, October 02, 2010

 I did this on Thursday, because for year eleven they've changed the assembly times. Now, assembly for us is on a Thursday and a Friday, and Guardian Angels is on a Wednesday. Coupled with violin lessons in the early morning on Tuesday, this means I should be able to hide from my form tutor for four days out of every week.
 (I hate how the navy isn't showing up in the photos. It looks like black but I trust you, it /is/ blue and looked slightly more cool in real life)
In practice I have to stay out of his way up until precisely 8:30 every morning otherwise he hunts me down and asks to see my nails. *rage*

Ignore the rant. This is Barry M's Nail Paint in Raspberry (I'm well over half into the bottle now, scary!) and the navy was from the set of nail art pens. It's a pretty good navy actually, just the right amount of runny.

Oh, and the first of October was Nigerian Independance Day! Just thought I'd share :P I can't believe time is going so quickly!


  1. i absolutely love your blog!

  2. Time is going quickly. True. Like that shade of red. Black/navy. Both would be good.
    Why not try putting the navy over the half-moon? What would that be like?

  3. Aww! Thank you so much Katt! This means a lot to me :)

    It is isn't it Jaljen? Makes me feel old when I see the teeny little Year Sevens toddling around lol :P That's actually quite a good idea. I haven't tried a half moon manicure before but I'll give it a go now.


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