Wilko Large Stippling Brush Review

Posted by on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Firstly - a big thank you to everyone for entering the Christmas giveaways! Winners have been emailed and if you visit the relevant posts, announced on the widget. Thanks again to all for entering.

On to the post...behold my latest complete and utter impulse buy (as ever)

I basically picked this up because it looks very very similar to the Real Techniques brushes, a few of which I actually own.

Verdict? Well, it's incredibly soft. Absolutely no shedding when washed, which I was pleasantly surprised about as it was so cheap. However, this particular brush is far too large to be properly used on my face, really - my own fault for not checking. There is a smaller version on sale which I was planning to investigate before I bought a set of Sigma dupes from eBay. Can't comment on whether this brush is a Real Techniques dupe as I don't own this specific one from them, but they seem fairly similar.

Anyone else tried Wilkinson's brush range?

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  1. The brushes look so good! I have never tried this brand. I'm not sure I can find them in my country.
    Thank you again for the giveaway prize, I emailed you my address. Can't wait to receive it. I will probably get it in about 2 or 3 weeks.
    Thanks again. Happy New Year!
    Gabriela L.


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