Superdrug Vitamin E Dual Phase Cleansing Oil, Gentle Micellar Solution and Moisture Boost Facial Serum Review

Posted by on Monday, December 21, 2015

Whenever I pop into Superdrug (which, if I'm honest, is all the time) I take a look at their extensive Vitamin E range. Most of it is pretty cheap, and my skin is dry (save my nose, which should be prospected by Shell as it's turned into an oil slick recently) so I'm always on the lookout for moisturising products. Superdrug tend to have deals on (i.e three for two/buy one get one half price) on it's own brand products, making them more student friendly, and you can also get 10% off pretty much anything in store with an NUS card - the only reason I bother paying the £12 a year for it.

 The micellar solution definitely feels less drying to the skin than their 'regular' micellar water (the B. one). My skin doesn't feel tight or dried out when using this like it does with their one. But I'd also argue that this is also less effective at removing makeup, and immediately after using it my skin feels quite weird and tingly? Not sure why that is. The sensation doesn't last long, but even so, I won't be repurchasing. I also prefer the packaging of the B. bottle - it has a tiny nozzle so you can control application much more precisely. This has a little flip top which I've already managed to use to spill product all over my duvet, don't ask me how.

EDIT: I actually chucked this away three days after writing this draft. Don't know whether my bottle was just defective or if it's a universal design fault with these but no matter how tightly I shut the lid, it'd still leak everywhere. Came to a head when I removed the top and had pretty much the entire bottle explode over the carpet...never buying this again!

 I wore this serum at night for a few nights and didn't notice a massive amount of difference, but admittedly I didn't give it much time to work. What I really like doing with this is applying it to Mum's electric face brush thing (Lange? Not familiar with any of their products save this knock-off Clarisonic) and using the two together. Makes my skin feel so soft.
 I just like looking at the two phases of the cleansing oil, not going to lie.
It's pretty damn effective (certainly more so than the micellar water, in my opinion) at removing makeup, and doesn't leave my skin feeling 'stripped' which is certainly a plus. The packaging hasn't leaked as well. I'd repurchase this.

Has anyone else tried their Vitamin E range?

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