Primark Beauty Impulse Buys - Acai Berry Lip Balm, Lip Liner

Posted by on Wednesday, December 02, 2015

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For reference, Primark had dabbled in the whole beauty line when I first got into blogging. I had a few of their brightly coloured kohl liners (those things were genuinely quite good as well) but I seem to remember they gave up fairly soon afterwards, someone correct me if I'm wrong? I hadn't realise they'd started up their makeup line again until recently.
In the store, there were plenty of lip liners (four or five shades, £1 each) one other type of beeswax lip balm (pomegranate) some lipsticks, nail polishes, bronzers and other bits and bobs. It all looked quite new but I could sense hoardes of Year Nines just waiting to destroy the stand as soon as I'd moved on so I made my choices and left.

The pencil is okay. Very creamy, a little too creamy as it wears off quicker than I'm used to. Still, lovely colour, and only a quid.

I was actually a little disappointed that this wasn't tinted - not sure why I expected it to be coloured, but yeah. This was my first experience with a beeswax lipbalm and I'm not sure whether it's this particular balm or all beeswax lipbalms that I won't be particularly compatible with. It feels nice on my lips but just doesn't deliver any moisture. I have ridiculously dry lips which only get worse in the winter so I need fairly moisturising balms unfortunately. I quite like this under a drying lipstick though.

Lip balm - £2
Lip liner - £1

Thoughts on beeswax lipbalms?

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