KIKO 'Skin Evolution' Concealer in Shade 07 Review

Posted by on Thursday, December 03, 2015

Let's ease into this marathon reviewing session with a concealer. Sounds good, right?

This is the third darkest concealer shade in Kiko's 'Skin Evolution' range. Nine shades, all numbered. I was actually really impressed with how good a match this is for my skin, as I usually struggle to match my undertones with high street brands.

 It's very reasonably priced at £5.50. I ended up paying less than that for it as I was shopping during their Black Friday sale, making it even more of a bargain. Also, Kiko do some weird thing where you essentially have a loyalty card app on your phone, but you rack up points fairly quickly. You seem to get them for social media interactions (i.e writing reviews or liking their page) as well as in store/online purchases which is pretty decent, and the discounts once you reach 2,000/4,000 points aren't bad at all.

This concealer matches my skin so well that I don't even need to powder on top (obviously I do for longevity reasons, but not for colour match reasons). So I really, really wanted to like it...
Admittedly, poor Shade 07 (aka 'Cognac', didn't realised Kiko gave it's concealers names as well as numbers) has a tricky job. About two months ago, I cracked the side of my mouth really badly, and now have a grim black (hyperpigmentation) mark at the side of it which I refuse to leave unconcealed if I have to leave the house. While I work on various skincare 'fixes' to even out the marks, I need a reliable concealer to maintain the illusion of evenly pigmented skin.

Still, even application is a bit tricky with this concealer. Too much concealer and it all pills up and looks very obvious as soon as powder is dusted over the top. But any less and the marks are still visible. Doesn't really set once applied, so isn't the longest lasting concealer. It certainly can't handle a 9-5 uni day with lunch, and I have to take it with me to reapply throughout the day - not a problem I had with my previous concealer, which was ironically a a highlighting one designed for the undereye area!

As always, your mileage may vary with this. It's cheap, gorgeous colour match (and fantastic colour range - nine shades is nothing to be sniffed at) but unfortunately can't live up to expectations, performance wise.

Has anyone else tried this concealer?

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