Incarnation I of "Jigglypuff sees thee rollin', he hatin'."

Posted by on Sunday, November 21, 2010

 And only one word in that title was relevent to the post. At all.
 This. Is. JIGGLYPUFF. He/she (not really sure, not a big Pokemon fan to be honest) is one of the cutest characters in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which is how I know he/she/it. Plus it sings you to sleep as one of it's moves. How cool?
/explains the random z's on my remaining fingers.
It's "Incarnation I." because I'm planning to redraw Mr. Puff so it's less bumpy. I'm planning to get some acrylic paints because that seems to make nail art easier? I dunno.
 This was pretty poor, though. Next time I'm planning either to do half a Jigglypuff, or size down the Jigglypuff on the middle finger. Ha. Jigglypuff. Try saying it out loud, the name makes me chuckle.
Nail art pens + permanent marker (great for outlining; not so good when you want to topcoat it and it smears like melted chocolate on a snow white school t-shirt - baaaaad memories) + Boots No7 polish in something involving pink or fuschia. It had a gold lid, I believe.


  1. I LOVE IT!!!
    I was such a Poke-fiend back in the day, and this is really cute. You did such a good job.

    Also, Jigglypuff is just the name of the species, so it can be male or female. The famous one from the cartoon was a female though, so that's probably the one that you're talking about.

    I think most of them are female, actually. I remember when I used to play, I was looking for a male Jigglypuff so I could breed some Igglybuff and it took a really long time to find one. There were like a million girls and three boys.

  2. wOOt! Thanks for the enthusiastic reaction, ChaosButterfly! I'll do a few more then!

    And thank you very much. You're always such a lovely commenter :P Hey, thanks for the education. I'd assumed Pokemon all had genders :p That makes so much sense! I think I was thinking of the one from the cartoon, though I'm more familiar with "Galactic Battle Pokemon" than the original.

    What version did you play? Console?

  3. That is so cute! I was never really into pokemon, but how can you not love something named jigglypuff? :)


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