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Posted by on Sunday, November 14, 2010

 Sadly, this is the last of the ASOS Paints that I ordered. *sniffs* Loving the colour though.
 It's ever so slightly more green tinged in real life. I dig this one because it's not the ubiquitous mint green colour that everyone wore because it looked original and now it's more tired as a nail colour than red. It's an turquoise creme that is a dream to apply (like it's bottlemates) and just quite frankly awesome.
Wear time is meh. I'm pretty hard on my nails and for these swatches I didn't use a top coat as I was going to freehand all over it anyway. But if ASOS do another sale again, I'll be picking up these in a few more colours.

What are your opinions on overdone nail colours? I personally just feel that certain shades of red, mint green and black have been worn /everywhere/ and now they're just old. That's just me though.


  1. this color rocks! love turquoise

  2. You can always twist them. Mattify or do a gradient or layer or something.

    I won't rule anything out.

    Lily is excellent on you.

  3. Thanks Scandalous! Lol same I like Turquoise too :P

    That's true Jaljen. I don't think the matte trend is old yet so that's a pretty good idea.
    Thank you very much :P

    Thanks for your comment Katrina!


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