Free Nails Inc Polish!

Posted by on Saturday, November 20, 2010

For my UK readers:

The December issue of Glamour (£2) is giving away a Nails Inc polish in a choice of four different colours! I bought "Jermyn Street". It's a pretty good deal because they're usually like £11 each or something dumb like that.

 I was so excited I totally ignored the fact that Charlotte Church was on the cover and just ripped the bottle off the cover lol :P
Sorry Charlotte. Not interesting enough. Look at that huge yellow banner!


  1. Who doesn't love free polish ;)
    Just looked at the top of your blog. You're in eleventh year? Me too :p Us poor poor students....

  2. wow! i wish our mags here have these deals~ :)

  3. Hey Rhea! How are you? We haven't talked for a while lol.

    Yeah, I am. Exams and other fun times :( At least you feel my pain lol xP

    Where do you live xnosugaraddedx? And thanks for your comments, both of you.


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