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Posted by on Tuesday, November 09, 2010

 I apologise for the messy swatches, poor photo taking and, well, everything basically.
 So this is Alexa. It's a dark navy in real life so I have no idea why it looks black in my photograph. Why are you like this, camera? Why are you like this, light reflections? Why are you like this, shaky nail polish painting right hand?
/blames everyone but herself :D
Anyway. What I'm really loving about these ASOS Paints is that they're very, very easy to apply. Highly pigmented, but not to the point where it's too thick and just a pain in the butt to control. It's the right type of runny, doesn't pool all over your cuticles - unless you have zero hand control, like myself - and with this polish you could definately get away with just one coat. This is two, but that was just to be even. Which I failed spectacularly at, as you will see if you know, you have eyes.

Who else picked up stuff from their sale? (doesn't have to be polish related, I've seen some lovely dresses floating around the blogosphere!)


  1. I got some asos stuff but I've been spree-ing so much I can't remember exactly what. All polish. No clothes.
    Hey, this Alexa really suits you. Very sophisticated. Nicey nicey.

  2. Ooh nice. Thumbs up for spreeing, that's always good.
    Lol when you take the "No clothes" part of your comment out of context, it sounds very cheeky haha. /childish, incredibly so.

    Thanks very much Jaljen!


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