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Posted by on Saturday, November 13, 2010

 As with the rest of the range, this is smooth to apply, very well pigmented and dries reasonably quickly.
 This is without a topcoat, by the way. It's actually quite shiny. The colour is quite chic, I suppose now it's Autumn (or Fall to the Americans out there) then if the colour is dark it's automatically fashionable. That's the impression one seems to get by reading the beauty magazines, anyway. I swear that for the last three or so years, Spring has been light, pastel colours (or beige, I mean eww beige clothes are just no) Summer has an abundance of blue eyeliner for some reason and neon nail polish, Autumn is basically any dark colour for both lips and nails and Winter is dark red and metallic glitter that everyone regrets once Spring comes around again. Fashion world, plz. Give us something to work with here.
Whatever. These are definately in the running for the "Cutest Nail Polish Bottle" awards, if there were such an award. I mean, just look at the bow! It's so cute.
I'd need more than a poxy bow to make me pay £6.50 or whatever the full price was for all of these, though. /forevercheap.


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