Slightly Redundant Haulage

Posted by on Sunday, July 17, 2011

I say slightly redundant because I've pretty much not hauled anything this month. Between Duke of Edingburgh, family members coming to stay, and that huge boner kill of not having any funds, it's been a spend free month :( Apart from prom shopping. That was essential. and expensive.

Regardless, here is like a collection of stuff that I've cumulatively hauled from 2001 last month. Feels like forever :(

 Nails Inc/Fabulous polishes: I collected the tokens, so now I have a spare set which I was going to give away until I got back from D of E and then everyone hated the News of The World so I thought it might be best to leave that...alone for a bit.
Two Miners polishes which I should add to the blogsale, not really that enamoured with these.
Last month's Glamour offer. I picked up Benetint and High Beam.


Two Barry M crackle polishes, the pink one and the black one - these are sooo cool and were my first foray into the dark crackle underworld...does anyone want a full review on these? I'm under the impression almost everyone has already done one.
Everyday Minerals rollerball eyeshadow! It scares me how easily I fall for a gimmick...
I bought Pears soap on the basis of a review I saw by Fee on how non-drying and gentle it was on sensitive skin, which really excited me. But when I got home and talked to her on twitter about it (@MakeupSavvy) I realised she'd actually done a follow up post to say they'd changed the formula and it was now quite harsh! #learntoresearchlena
I cut it up into little cubes and we're using it for hand soap at the moment. At least it was (relatively) cheap.


Lastly, my new nail polish love: 'Copacabana' by Nails Inc. It's this gorgeous coral colour which everyone and their pet of choice needs in their life this summer...bright but not off putting and applies really well. I had to buy two Dove deodorants in Boots for this offer, which wasn't too bad as I usually use Dove anyway. I then went back for two more so I could get another bottle...obssessed much? The other colour, 'Havana', was really boring and looked sheer so I left it alone. They should have named it 'Sand' or something. If I think 'Havana', I think something vibrant and colourful, not yet another greige nude tea colour. grumble, grumble.


  1. some lovely bits there. dove deo is my fav deo of all time x

  2. Oooh the nail polish colors look nice!

  3. lots of nail polishes :)lovely colours! I love Pears soap too!

    shel xx

  4. Great haul =] Everything looks pretty cool!

  5. Is it really, Nicole? I quite like it myself :P Although Palmolive do a good one too.

    I'm SO pleased with them, Rai, considering they were free as well! Really perfect summer colours, especially for the toes.

    Haha, I love nail polish (as you can tell from the title, lol) Shel! I'm not too keen on Pears soap though. It's alright but it's not what I bought it thinking it was because of the formulation change.

    Thanks, Sara <3's

  6. Hey lovely nail polish colors.... I like pears soap too....

  7. Thanks for your comment, Austin. I don't really like Pears soap, though!

  8. Hey pears soap is really nice.... I liked it so much


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