Nails Inc 'OMP!' (Oh My Pink)

Posted by on Friday, July 01, 2011

I found this shade in particular applied sooo nicely. Two coats, no bubbles, like a sort of wham bam thank you mam but in a more desireable context. I approve.




I couldn't decide which pictures to add and which to leave out (I'm exprimenting with a new nail polish swatching technique, which is photographing them outside my window, lol) so this is a rather pic heavy post.



These dry down to a semi-satin, but still with some shine to it - again, typical of a neon finish but not quite. They're just bright enough to be bang on trend for summer, but not too bright as to alienate less daring nail polish wearers. The swatches that you're seeing have had a layer of topcoat applied to it though, as I wanted to see it shiny!


As you can see, my Mum and I are collecting our tokens...are you? The value of these polishes is pretty damn intense, if you're in the UK I'd be surprised if you missed out!


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