BeautyUK 'Yellow Peril' Nail Polish

Posted by on Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I was actually going to wear this to my afterprom, but time constraints (I spent too long watching Question Time and therefore had no time left over to repaint my nails) meant that I didn't use it then. I applied it the day afterwards expecting a nightmare (application wise) but I was actually pleasantly surprised!


 First, I went for this because I was looking for a good, cheap nail polish and since I'd had a good experience with 'Slate' by BeautyUK, I hoped the rest of the line would be up to scratch. I'd call it a true, neutral yellow. I have no idea why it's more eyecatching than the other yellow offerings different brands had to offer :/ Something about it that I can't put my finger on...maybe the fact that it has a *touch* more green in it?


Yeah, my nails look fabulous here. But they're fake. I wish my real nails looked this good.


Application wasn't that bad, surprisingly - the formula didn't feel thick or chalky (and believe me, just from looking at the bottle I was convinced that it'd be chalkier than a cliff in Dover) and it was fine in two coats, both the opacity and the levelness (not a word?) of the polish. Impressed!
I wore Yellow Peril again, on my (disgusting) natural nails, and it lasted with minimal chips for three days which is pretty damn decent considering the state of my nails at the moment. Peel City. Yuck.


I've noticed that they've raised the price of these recently - this cost me £1.99, as opposed to £1.79 last year. An increase of 20p isn't too excessive, though, so I'm not crying over it.


  1. Yum! I love Beauty UK too, never had a polish from them that I didn't like x

  2. Pretty!!
    And yes, your nails do look awesome sauce, even if they are falsies. ^_^

  3. Hi, I decided to follow you after I saw your comment on "Laquer Lover" .

  4. @Helly: I'm definately going to invest in their polish sets!

    Thanks, ChaosButterfly! Wish they were real though :(

    Thanks Thalie! Thanks for telling me where you found me, as well :P I can't quite remember which commen that was, though. Oops!


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