Prom Face.

Posted by on Monday, July 11, 2011

I mislead somewhat. It was actually an 'after prom' face as I didn't go to prom. Sat at home and watched Question Time instead - far more enjoyable, to be honest.

Political statement made, I set about doing my makeup. First, I started with a layer of MUA's Primer, then moved on to 17's Photo Ready (or Photo Finish, something along those lines. Can't really remember) foundation in 'Honey'. BIIIIIG mistake. It seemed to be far too yellow and I was blending it in and getting more and more panicked until finally I was like, 'Nooo!' and removed it all and started again.

Take two.

MUA's primer, and then a light dusting of Max Factor's mineral foundation in 'Bronze'. I dotted a few spots of Sleek's Hide it Concealer (Shade 4, but I'm going to go back and buy Shade 3 as Shade 4 is too dark, I think. It matches my skin? Aren't concealers meant to be lighter?) and then a little more powder. Contoured with Sleek's Contour Kit in 'Dark' and added a little highlight on my legs with MUA's Mosaic Bronzer (it got completely broken and smashed up when it was sent to me :( But I could still sort of use it.) Primed my eyelids with Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden, then put my contact lenses in (I always do it that way around).

Used the darkest dark brown from the Sleek Paraguaya Palette (though the lighting and perhaps brush contamination has made it appear slightly purple in the photos, fml) all over the lid, added a matte brow highlight, filled in brows with a matte black from a Sleek palette (can't remember which one but for the most part, they're all the same?). From here, I took the shimmery dark brown from the MUA Extreme Metallic quad in 'Starstruck' and added it over the lid below the crease. I then used the dark black from the MUA Extreme Metallic quad in 'Smokin' to add definition to the outer third. Blended it all together to make it look less harsh, applied eyeliner on the lower lid but not the top, and finished with a pair of Eye Candy false lashes. Wouldn't recommend these, they began to come off at the end of the night -.- something that I've never experienced with my cheapy KKCenterHK lashes. I wasn't impressed.

Now, as a lipstick newbie, I did the sensible thing and bought the brightest fuschia I could see, which happened to be a Sleek True Colour lipstick in 'Mystic' (matte). It didn't bleed even though I wasn't wearing lip liner, and stayed on somewhat even through numerous bottles of beer so kudos to it, I guess...

Finally, prom nails for your eyes only:


It's been four days and they're still on my hands...impressive staying power. I would have gone for my usual Allura ones but when I popped into Poundland (on the DAY of my prom. Yes, I am organised...) they didn't have any! Rage...these were adequate substitutes, however. I'm not looking forward to removing them, though...


  1. Hot lips, love the lips especially, wish we would get a full-face picture anytime soon, tho :D

  2. Please can you NOT be a lipstick newbie. I need you to roadtest lots of matte lipsticks so I can buy some good ones. Thanking YOU.

    That Mystic is hot.

  3. Thanks, Jamilla!

    Aha, I'm saving you from blindness, Anna :L My face seems to have a Medusa-like effect on people...:L

    Jaljen, this was the FIRST lipstick I owned like, in a colour. I love it though! Will go back for more, and review this on properly, and BUY A LIP LINER.

    You should get Mystic, it'd suit you.

  4. I love the nails and that lipstick is a fab colour!

  5. Thanks Gemx! I quite like the colour myself :P

  6. Beautifully elegant nails, very nice (light-handed) touch!

  7. wahh that lipstick color is nice. please do more. I wanna get into lipstick i just wear brown/clear. that one is nice

  8. Thanks, Nail Nerd!

    Lol, that's two calls for more lipstick - I'll get on it, Pretty! Thanks for all of your comments!

  9. LOVE the lipstick and those nails are adorable.

  10. Thank you, SilhouetteScreams! I love your blog :P


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