Nails Inc 'Atomic'

Posted by on Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An unabashedly bright, bordering-on-neon-but-not-quite radioactive ('scuse the pun - Atomic - Radioactive. Lol. OK, that's probably only funny to me) orange. 


Pretty damn pigmented when it goes on, but not thick - one coat would have sufficed but I always do two anyway to ensure longlevity - speaking of which, this polish held up well on my currently thin and bendy nails. I had three days with no chips or tipwear, minimal tipwear on the fourth day and a couple of chips on my index nails (always those ones. ALWAYS. It'd be great if humans had two ring fingers instead of an index finger and a ring finger) and on the fifth day I had to remove it as I'd spent the night with my hands immersed in water and it was like wearing a crackle polish without the crackle polish. Looked like someone had Chernobylded my nails...You don't want to know.

Only one more week to go if you started collecting the Fabulous mag tokens from the beginning! It's pretty intense value when you think about it (£3 and a bit of patience for £22 worth of stuff!) so I'm pretty pleased with that.

EDIT: Forgot to explain the colour difference in the two photos...d'oh! First one is under natural light, the second is in direct sunlight - you can see how much darker and more intense it looks. Begins to border on a sort of salmony-coral gusta.


  1. Isn't it, Cosmetic Chronicles? I love it :P

    I agree, Irena B. Are you collecting? x

    Thanks, Veronica! So far, I don't have any dupes in my orange collection - I'll try and keep it that way :P

  2. Ooee ooee. I forget how you get this. Is this the NoTW offer?

  3. Yeah, it is. Though I got this as a press sample, something which I was dumb and didn't make clear in the post :/

  4. 'Looked like someone had Chernobylded my nails.' Lol, oh dear!

  5. waooh i need this color. lol pretty

  6. Aha, I felt like I was teetering on the edge of appropriateness there, Robyn :P

    It's gorgeous, Pretty (like your name, lol)


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