MUA Pro Eyeshadow Trios - 'Chocolate Box', 'Blue Babe' and 'Passion'

Posted by on Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Finally, I'm getting down to my review of the Pro line :P Unfortunately, revision has taken over my life.

So when I posted the press release of the new line, these were the things I was least enthusiastic about. Having never tried their Bourjois counterparts, most of the baked eyeshadows I'd tried had been near enough colourless dry and only became worth the money when used wet - something that in the mornings, getting ready for school, I simply can't be doing with. As soon as I get out of the bathroom in the morning, my little brother goes in there and barricades himself in there, only sauntering out when it's literally the last minute to leave, and I'm too lazy to walk downstairs and wet my brush or whatever. So dry is the way to go. If it's got no payoff dry - I'm not interested.


The packaging is actually rather nice! There isn't a mirror, so maybe not as ideal for touching up on a night out, but it certainly feels more sturdy than the regular £1 line and looks nice and sleek. I can get behind this. The 'Chocolate Box' one got a bit bashed in transit and is slightly cracked, so I wouldn't drop these onto a hard surface, but a soft one seems to be alright.


I quite like that these are all named, as well. As I'm sure a lot of you know, the original MUA name just had shade names, like "Shade 1/2/3" - I prefer words to numbers, but still. Especially as the names didn't correspond over products - Shade 11 could be a brown coloured eyeshadow but a bright coral nail polish and also a plum lipstick, for example. I prefer this system of naming.
Brown one - 'Chocolate Box'
Purple one - 'Passion'
Blue one - 'Blue Babe' though I have an irrational need to rename it 'Arctic' or something. I think it's the frosty blues and pearly whites, reminds me of a polar bear chilling in the sea.



I really think the applicator deserves a special mention. It's quite small, so it fits into a little slot in the trios, but is normal at one end and flat at the other - great for lining your eyes with. It's innovative and I can definitely get some use out of the liner side. More brands should take note.


OK, the pigmentation IS pretty fantastic. Everything you see is done dry,  a couple of passes on my finger - no base, no nothing.


'Blue Babe' - ironically, you can see my blue hoodie in the shot - sorry guys.


'Chocolate Box' - I'm loving the bronzy metallicness (not a word) of this, will really complement those with darker skin such as myself, or those of you who like to tan. I'm going to experiment with the lightest shade as a highlighter for the tear duct.


'Passion' - I think the first two shades are a bit light for my personal taste, but the darkest purple is up my alley. For those of you that are lighter skinned, I think this one will make a really easy purple eye look.

MUA have really impressed me with these - I'm not afraid to admit that I really didn't have high hopes when I saw this particular aspect of the collection, but I've stopped being prejudiced now. Prejudice is bad. Especially when it comes to eyeshadow people.

One criticism that I'd have is that the eyeshadows are more powdery than the MUA ones I'm used to, so those of you that apply with a brush (raises hand) may create a little more mess than expected. I've made far harder compromises for cheap makeup, though, so I'm not too bothered. I think that all the trios in this range are metallic, finish wise, so matte lovers may want to stay clear. 

I think these are £2.50 in shops? I did get sent these to review and they're not in my local branch yet so I couldn't tell you the exact price, but around that. Has anyone else seen these?


  1. These look great! I can't wait to try out this line, I like a lot of the normal MUA stuff.

  2. They do look decent for less expensive eye shadows. I'm actually surprised at the pigmentation. Do you think they would probably go on slightly less pigmented (aside from being more messy) with a brush. I like how in the first set of swatch pics the blue matches your hoodie :D

  3. My favourite things from the regular line are definitely the nail polishes, and the eyeshadows, but I haven't tried out too much - need to look into the lippies. Thanks for your comment, Robyn!

    I expected it to feel like stroking a rock in the desperate hope it dances for you, loodie (or a comparable experience) but the pigmentation surprised me, too!
    I think they'd be a /little/ less pigmented, but not much. The more metallic the finish, the better it shows up on the eye, I've found.

  4. The pigmentation of these is pretty impressive, I like Blue Babe :) x

  5. Love the look of Chocolate Box :-)x

  6. wow, i've never seen eyeshadows in that form before. It looks really cool. All of them are so pretty but I especially like the purples! Great blog. New follower. Check out my blog. =)


  7. I don't do baked shadows for the the same reason as you, but these are great! Blue Babe is my favorite. n_n

  8. Wow, I'm really surprised by how pigmented these look. I find baked shadows to be a bit hit and miss usually.

  9. @Gemx - It really is!

    @Catherine - I actually used it for a look today, may put it up as an EOTD.

    D.Sadie - I've seen the Bourjois ones but someone did a comparison and said that these were better.

    ChaosButterfly - I think Blue Babe would suit you! It'd go with your colouring.

    Julianne - Same. But these are REALLY good. They don't feel like the regular line shadows but they don't feel like baked shadows I've used before, so perhaps they're some type of hybrid?

    Thanks for your comments!


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