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Yes, it is I of the reclusive GCSE enforced break from blogging. My last exam was today (well, yesterday technically, as it's now 12:33) and I've got a gloriously long summer to do jackshit. And blog. WHOOP WHOOP.

I've missed writing so much, lol. Reading about how best to design my imaginary product for Technology so that OCR give me good marks hasn't been quite the same as reading about beauty products.

Some things that I should mention:

First off, thank you and hi to all my new followers! No idea where they came from, but welcome! Please stay a while. Or run screaming from this blog which is probably the safer option.

My Barry M giveaway is open until midnight tommorow, because I feel it's only fair as GFC was down temporarily and so I thought I'd give people the best chance of entering.

I have a LOT of stuff to catch up on, review, and generally talk about, so yeah, please stick around :P Thanks in particular to numerous lovely twitter ladies who kept me entertained through hours of painful revision (think trigonometry, circle theorems...shudder.) @uknailpolish, @tsunimee, @lipglossiping, @RandomLanda, @MorenaBarbee, @JennMUA, @25fLONDON, @nav_t, @brainsinajar, @xloodiex, @PolishGalore and I should just do a Follow Friday already. Sorry.


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