MUA Pro 3 in 1 Extreme Eye Contour Pen

Posted by on Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh, I am pleased with this little pen. It was included in my little bag of MUA Pro goodies to review, fyi :)


For the small sum of £1.50, you get this sleek pen in cardboard packaging (as seen above) with instructions on the back as to how you form the three types of line.

The black plastic is so smooth. I thought it was a liquid liner at first because of the packaging, but I was delighted to know that it's a retractable pencil (I prefer pencil to other types of liner and use it most often).


I rolled this up about a third of the way. There's a decent amount of product concealed in the thin tube.

Now, onto the formula.

First off, the stick seems to be more oil/wax based, as it's surprisingly water resistant, and very very soft. It's a veritable dream to apply, no tugging etc. Longlevity is only an issue if there's no primer involved, and even then only on oily eyelids or if you keep touching your eyes. I don't know why you'd do that. I guess someone does :/ So to recap, it doesn't seem to dry down particularly well, so for those with oily lids you'd have to use a primer to ensure that it didn't run. 

So easyyyy to smudge. With just this and a coat of mascara, you can create a two minute smokey eye that requires little or no effort to do.

So soft, I accidentally broke it by being overzealous, lol.

Fail! Not the product, though. I'll be repurchasing this - it's great for students on a budget who want a very black pencil that's soft and easy to apply.


  1. As much as I'm loving the look and price of this, I don't like that it isn't a very intense black. Still, for the price it seems like a great deal!

  2. I love the shape of this pencil, will be nice to create winged liner with =]
    Btw do you know how this performs on the water line? Because that's where I use my eye pencils.... I usually leave it to liquid/gel liners for my top lid!

  3. Everything on the MUA £1 and pro lines have really impressed me, and this pencil looks great, will have to try it :)

  4. I second the question about the waterline...I also only use liquid or cream on the top lid.
    It does look quite creamy and nice though.

  5. hmm i wish it was darker. i like black black.

  6. The H&M eyeliners are about the same price and are darker black.

  7. @CosmeticChronicles: It looked more intense in real life, but it's not on the level of say 'Zero' by Urban Decay.

    @Jennifer: They really do! The price, as well <3

    @Sara and ChaosButterfly: I'll test it out, and get back to you - because I usually don't wear it on my waterline! I'll do a follow up post. Thanks for the suggestion!

    @NailNewbie: They are living up to expectations (which were high) so I'm very pleased!

    @Pretty: For school, I generally prefer a slightly less black black as it's less noticeable, therefore the likelihood of me getting asked to remove it + detention is lower.

    @appleshampoo84: I'll have to check those out! Thanks for the recommendation.


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