Maybelline 818,237,900 and fifty seven billion years lasting Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

Posted by on Saturday, April 14, 2012

Colour Tattoo. I'm sorry, the word doesn't look right without a 'u' in it. You sell in our country, you spell by our conventions dammit. I jest, I jest.


There has been HYPE over these shadows. I'm not surprised. I've tried many a highstreet (i.e, cheap) cream shadow in my time and they've all been crap, so to hear of one that isn't is a big, big thing in the makeup world.

Tops are plain, no tacky stickers or anything.

I hate creasage. It drives me mad. My eyeshadow doesn't crease because I layer on that primer like it's nobody's business. So to wear this, and not have it crease at the end of the day, sans primer? YES.


The consistency is a little oily, not creamy as you might expect, but as soon as it's on your eyelids the consistency changes to a nice paste-like substance. Once you've got to that stage, move quick. You have about ten seconds before it becomes unblendable.

I purchased On and On Bronze (it's more a platinum/pewter/bronze, but I'll let it go) and Turquoise Fever, to start with, though I'm likely to be going back for more considering payday was very recent. Swatched:


Turquoise Fever has visible silver glitter particles in it, which give it a lovely reflective quality. I look at it and just think of a gorgeous Caribbean beach or some other place that I can't afford to go to. Very summery.
The glitter in this doesn't fall out on me or during application, which is one pro it has over powder eyeshadows. Mess free, fuss free glitter is a win win situation.

On and On Bronze is a shimmery finish (no glitter) that is more complex than it first appears. Sometimes it appears almost metallic brown - others, it's leaning towards silver. I really understand why there is hype around these, because the colours are phenomenal and the products perform. Maybelline, feel free to pat yourself on the back.

Application for On and On Bronze is fine. With other cream shadows, I find I carefully measure the amount I use so as to not induce creasing, but this is fine - I can go for a sheer wash with eyeliner for a really lazy/rushed school look, or build it up for opacity. If you blend quickly enough, it finds uses as a highlighter either for the brow bone or the Cupid's bow - I find that it's staying power means it won't move from my lips if I eat/drink/sneeze or whatever. No idea whether it is lip safe or not, but that's how I use it.

Turquoise Fever can be a little patchy upon initial application, but to combat this I go in for a second layer and then just pat rather than rub the colour onto my eyelids. No problems with opacity, and it stays put for however long I want it to. Not 24 hours, I do like to wash in that time, but still. Clearly, to adequately test the 24 hours claim, I need to take these on Duke of Edinburgh with me...

At £4.99, I think these are pretty damn affordable (and you never hear me say that), considering they double as a coloured eyeshadow primer, too. I've used On and On Bronze as a base for the grey eyeshadow in the Sleek Paraguaya palette, and this results in a slightly shimmery, copper/grey colour. Gorgeous, and of course went the distance in lasting power. With the brighter colours in the range, you can use these as a base to make coloured shadows pop, and especially with the finicky mattes from the Sleek palettes, the slight tackiness of these shadows as a base really helps to 'grab on' to the shadow and keep it in place for more vibrancy. I'm very pleased these finally made it to the UK.


  1. lovely, I think I love the blue color more! :D

  2. I have Endless Purple and Turquoise Forever and love them both! Real summery colours. I use them as an eyeliner for work, and then more full on for the weekend.

  3. I like the blue colour for brights but usually layer it under a powder eyeshadow due to the patchiness, Imah Ayub! It is gorgeous though.

    I wish I had Endless Purple, Anana in the Cloud! Since writing this I've bought Permanent Taupe but it creases :/ How do you use them as an eyeliner, do you use a brush to apply?


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