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One of the slightly pricier items E.L.F sells (about £6?), but also one of the most lauded.

The puff is useless. I threw the puff away because they just get dirty and bacteria harbouring and gross.


I apply this powder with an E.L.F purple kabuki that I ordered during their Christmas sale, and that works well enough for me. If you apply too much of this, it shows up white which makes me look as if I've accidentally dropped a little talc on my face, so I make sure to buff it in well. I usually apply it over my BB Cream, but sometimes I use pressed powder over the top of the BB Cream and then this over the pressed powder.

It 'softens' your whole face, I find, and blurs minor imperfections to make everything that little bit more visually appealing. I don't have oily skin but I haven't had any shine control issues with this, and the fact that you have to take a little extra care to really work it into the skin (to avoid the chalky look) means the rest of your makeup looks that much more polished. One thing I don't like is the design, I mistakenly removed the whole sifter and now clouds of powder come out every time I open it. When I repurchase, I'll be sure to just poke holes through the plastic...

I know a few blog readers have left comments about this - what do you think?


  1. I love this stuff, used it for about a year and had just puntured a few holes. All was fine until one day the whole white plastic bit came off and all my makeup table was covered in a layer of 'snow'!! Thankfully I'd already bought a spare ;p

  2. That's so random, Helen! (and annoying.) I take it this powder lasts for a long time, then, if you still had enough to make a huge mess after a year!


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