Forgive Me, For Thy Have Hauled

Posted by on Friday, April 06, 2012

 Please don't be offended by the title, it's all in jest. And entirely appropriate seeing as I have spent a sinful amount on all of this:



My makeup buying habits have been funded like this, thus far - I buy something small from Superdrug. I then take myself over to their website and fill in their Customer Survey. I then recieve a code from their website to write on my reciept, which I then take to the store and spend to get 10% off everything (when I spend over £10) and 25% off their own brands as well as Sleek, 2True and MUA. I then produce my NUS Extra card (a student card) to get an extra 10% off everything, making the total discount 20% or 35% off Sleek/own brands. Since I usually buy Sleek from Superdrug, it makes everything a lot more affordable.


However, I came to hear that Superdrug are phasing out these vouchers and my world came tumbling down. Those vouchers were the very reason I shop in Superdrug and not Boots, because Superdrug's reward card system is quite frankly, shite, and Boots' is infinitely better, but these vouchers make Superdrug much more affordable than Boots for what I want to buy which is why almost all my makeup is purchased there.

Naturally, I did what any sane person would do and bought everything I would need for the next few months my lifetime. I spent a lot more buying all five of the Blush by 3 palettes and a few other bits and bobs as well as some lipstick for my Mum (she loves Sleek True Colour lipstick as it comes in lots of shades of dark, vampy red) and a few giveaway bits but the majority was pure greed.


I didn't own either the Original or the Au Naturel palettes so bought them. Now, if I just add the PPQ palette, I've got every Sleek palette ever released ;)
Bought a Luminaire concealer as I've always wanted to see what the fuss was about.
MUA Felt Tip Eyeliner,
Suede blush, because I wanted to know if I was missing out. (On use, I can say I'm not)
A repurchase of their Luminous Pressed Powder in Shade 03 as I'm running low on mine (used most days)
Repurchase of the Storm palette as I've broken a shade in the one I already have.
 Various lipsticks.

MUA's new BB Cream in 'Dark' (Verdict: Not dark enough)
Two MUA lipsticks
Lots of GOSH 'Soft 'n' Shine' lip balms (LOVE)
MUA White Eye Kohl
Max Factor 'Fantasy Fire' nail polish
Two of the Maybelline 24 Eyeshadow pot things
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner (not pictured)
Sleek Blush by 3 (not pictured)
Sleek Hide it Concealer (I already own this, but in a darker shade. I have Shade 4, and bought it in Shade 3)
More stuff that wouldn't fit in the photo.


After these holidays are over, I will be far too preoccupied with exams to buy makeup anyway, so really this is an investment in my future...and I will totally save money after this. Promise.

What do you want reviewed first?


  1. I've been away too long. What happened to your relationship with Sleek? Looks like you've got back together!

  2. Oh my goodness, you really did haul, lol! That's a good way of justifying it though ;) x

  3. would love to see the Sleek's palette reviews and swatches, also your take on the MUA BB Cream! :D

    Can you follow me? Followed you..

  4. Woah look at those blush trios - look forward to seeing those!

  5. I don't know, jaljen. Right now I'm just ignoring anyone that works for them and focussing on the not suckish products, lol.

    Tell me about it, Emma :/ All the other times that I've used the word pale in comparison to this post! Oh dear...

    Don't be, Leticia - My bank account is probably jealous of yours right now! Haha :P

    Hi Imah Ayub, don't think I've seen you comment before! Already photographed some of the blush palettes and the BB Cream ;) I will certainly check out your blog!

    Helen, we both share an appreciation for Sleek products :p I remember drooling over your Pout Paint swatches (and also when you went to IMATS and got a sneak preview of all their product!) Hope I can return the favour.

  6. OMG!!
    I need to see swatches!

  7. Planning to swatch EVERYTHING, Jennifer! Just need to find the time :(


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