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I attended a conference on getting into medicine on Saturday, which I enjoyed very much. After that, a friend and I took the tube up to Westfield Stratford, somewhere I had been very up for going as it houses the only UK stores of KIKO and INGLOT, brands that I have been interested in for a long time.


INGLOT was the first store I visited and actually a huge letdown. Some of the colours were out of stock and the SA seemed rude and snobbish. Even my friend commented 'That lady wasn't very nice' as we left. If even he noticed (he's a guy that was entirely uninterested in visiting anything makeup related) then I would say that there's an issue there. Maybe the SA was just having a bad day, but as a first time visitor who was spending a not-small sum of money, I would have rather she kept it to herself.

My KIKO experience was much better. The ladies were smiley and helpful, and I even got offered a basket when one saw me struggling with so many nail polishes! It mirrored my experience in the Italian store pretty well and I'd happily visit again, especially considering the amount of product that was on sale.
Superdrug Westfield is surprisingly rubbish? There was no MUA stand, for starters, which upset me as I was up for purchasing all of the lip balms from the Love Hearts collection. It didn't seem much bigger than other Superdrug stores I've visited, and overall was just pretty average. Which there is nothing wrong with.


  1. I haven't seen the Inglot store in Stratford Westfield. And the MUA stand in Superdrug is towards the back with Sleek and BeautyUK =)

    And I do like the look of the frozen nail laquers, especially the dark teal =)

  2. You know, even if you weren't spending a not-small sum of money there's no reason for the SA to treat you poorly. I've gone to shops several times in preparation for a large purchase, so even if you spend NOTHING this time doesn't mean you won't come back and spend $500 or more the next time. That would have turned me off too.

  3. I have the feeling it's the same with INGLOT everywhere. I've only been to the Times Square store, but I heard bad things about the Cali store, too, and even in NYC they weren't very nice.

  4. Really, Asmaa? I'm probably just really oblivious, couldn't find it anywhere!
    The frozen nail lacquers are GORGEOUS and have surprisingly long lasting power! I'm impressed, by them, I must say.

    Thanks, Laynie! Now you say it, I agree...I was just peed off by her attitude towards me. Wasn't in there long, so have no idea if she behaved the same way towards other customers, but yeah.

    That's such a shame to hear, Anna. I've heard similar things about M.A.C SAs as well...unfortunately (or fortunately, maybe) I can't test that theory out myself because there is only one INGLOT store in the UK, and that was the one I was at. But I don't like SAs with a bad attitude!

    Thanks for your views, I've enjoyed reading them!

  5. Hi, there's only one inglot listed in England and its in shepards bush westfield, are you sure you went to the Inglot in stratford? I've been there several times and I've checked the website; Inglot isn't listed there and I've never seen it. I would LOVE it if there was one in stratford...

  6. Oh gosh, I have no idea where I went, Sam! I only know it was the Westfield and it was the big one, lol. I let my friend do all the directions! I'm probably completely wrong, lol. Sorry!


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