I Surrendered to the Cherry Carmex Cult

Posted by on Sunday, March 25, 2012

and I'm not complaining.

I noticed Carmex on offer at my local Superdrug and the bright yellow gaudiness of the tube lured me in. It's firmly in my little pot of 'western things' that I see glamourous American beauty bloggers posting about but don't often see in the UK. Maybe I too now own a little part of the U.S?

I don't think I'm addicted to it (yet) because even under that luscious cherry scent you can smell menthol and assorted strong smelling...smells. Doesn't taste of much. Leaves my lips feeling reasonably not dry. Will keep using for the novelty factor. If your lips aren't as fussy as mine, it'll probably suit better.

This was a proper review but my laptop decided to spontaneously shut down and Blogger hadn't saved anything and I don't have the heart to write it all out again. Can't wait to get rid of this hunk of crap. In the meantime, enjoy your one picture.


  1. Justa thought but is your laptop overheating if it's spontaneously shutting down? It might be worth seeing if you can open it up underneath and hoover or pick out any large chunks of dust. Mine did the same thing and when I opened it, I was amazed it even managed to boot up at all! :-)

  2. Hey Denise, that could be it. I've had it for what, seven years? And it's got about a gigabyte of spare memory left...I've put it's poor behaviour down to old age but yeah, that could be it. The fans look as dusty as hell but my laptop expertise is zilch so I wouldn't know how :P May have to ask one of my computer friends! But thank you for the tip, much appreciated!


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