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Posted by on Sunday, March 25, 2012

 I was somewhat inspired by this advert featuring Korean pop starlet Goo Hara:

Linked from Daily Kpop News.
Which resulted in me waking up the next morning and thinking, 'Huh. Today, I want to wear makeup like Goo Hara.' Thus, here are the products I used to do that.


I wore the crisscross lashes as it looks like Hara is wearing a similar style. While her eyeshadow is more silvery, I smudged the purple eye crayon on my lids as a sort of primer, then added a soft wash of the bronzey taupe eyeshadow colour, all over the lid. Rather than matching the colours exactly, my aim was to create something that would give the same effect as the makeup she was wearing. Her makeup makes her look soft but glamourous, wintery, but gives light to her face. Silver and pink were the colours that achieved that on her skin, but gold and purple worked just as well on mine.

While I went with her defined black eyeliner on the upper lid (I used Sleek's 'Ink Pot' for that. The wing ran. Typical) the lower lid featured BeautyUK's purple eye crayon on the outer corner and the gold to highlight.

A light peach on the lips, a hint of orange blush and E.L.F's face powder to impart 1/100ths of Hara's imperfection-free skin. Sigh. A girl can dream.


Some Korean treats to get you in the frame of mind that I was in on that particular morning.



The Rimmel varnish is entirely unrelated to anything, I just took the picture with it, for some reason.






How was this post? Did you enjoy it/hate it? Continue posting more 'makeup diary' type posts like this? Feedback please!


  1. I enjoyed this post, but where's the final look? You can't just say "hey, I wore this orange blush" and not show us what it looked like! I'm so into orange make-up right now, but so far I've only been brave enough to wear it on my lips and nails.

  2. Hi Prazzie,

    I totally understand your comment. For me, in all the (three ish) years I've been running this blog I've never uploaded a full face picture, just because of privacy concerns and also, my mug is kinda ming, haha. I don't know when that'll change or if it ever will (probably long into the future, lol!) but in the mean time I think I might start uploading face charts because I get where you're coming from.

    I haven't been brave enough to wear orange on my lips, lol! I have O.M.G lipstick and the Lava Pout Paint by Sleek and they haven't been worn...oh dear.

    Huge thanks for the feedback! Like I said, I'll try and address it.

  3. hi anon! :)

    i liked this post. it was cute and i love your nails! i totally understand about the not wanting to post your face thing but maybe do a pic of your eyes, mouth, and cheeks separately? idk. i would love to see the final outcome!

  4. Hi! I gave you and award your blog really deserves!!! You can see it here in my blog: http://talon-ted.blogspot.com.es/2012/03/versatile-blogger-award.html

    PS. I'd like to see how those criscross lashes look like when they're on... :)

  5. Hello anon ;) I've missed you guys, haven't been around on the meme for ages!
    Thank you so much for your feedback! I think I can easily post eyes and mouth. Cheeks might be a little strange without any context (i.e, the rest of my face) behind them and essentially not much different to a hand swatch, so I think that'll be where the face charts come in. But thanks!

    Thank you, Eugenia! I'm planning a whole post on the lashes so you should see those very soon :)

  6. What is the orange blush in this post?

  7. Hi MsGucciSu, it's Aruba by Sleek MakeUp! It was a limited edition for the summer last year but I don't think it sold that well as you can still purchase it online.


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