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Posted by on Sunday, December 11, 2011


I finally got paid from my job, and promptly took it upon myself to spend lots of money. As you can tell.
This was the first of many shopping trips - and now Christmas is coming up, I will spend even more...


Luminous Pressed Powder (Shade 3) from Sleek, Superdrug Facial Wash (99p)


Having heard good things about their mud masks, I put one of those in my basket as well. This is the 'Deep Cleansing' type. While I will probably do a quick review on it, I've used it twice with good results so far.

I also picked up a tube of MUA's new Professional Eye Primer. My much disliked Elizabeth Arden primer is finally nearing the end of the tube, so it's time for a new one.

Completely unrelated, but I found an Asian Supermarket in Brighton! My friends were entirely unenamoured with the place so practically dragged me out, but I was in love. Definitely returning.

The Krispy Kreme was unrelated. Basically, while we were out shopping, we went into a Krispy Kreme and the man serving us was not only hilarious but offered us free samples. After one taste, we unanimously decided to buy the counter take three. Brilliant salesman, him.


  1. tapioca pearls!! are you going to make some bubble tea?

  2. I am indeed, Samantha! I was so pleased when I found them, because aside from the internet I didn't know where I could buy them!

  3. Oh lawd, Krispy Kremes *hyperventilates* *drools*


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