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Not too long ago, MakeupSavvy  posted about an awesome offer from Klorane. The deal was, simply register and indicate your choice of product, and they'd send you a full sized shampoo and conditioner, absolutely free. Naturally, not having heard of this brand but thinking it was a good opportunity to test it out, I went for it.


The day afterwards, MakeupSavvy edited her post, saying that the brand had contacted her and told her the offer had changed. Now, it was a sample sized product they were giving away, and they weren't accepting any more applicants anyway.

I'm not sure there's another way a brand could have put me right off their products, permanently, any more forcefully. Contacting a beauty blogger to promote your products and giving her incorrect information...not on, at all. Brands wouldn't make this sort of huge mistake (assuming it wasn't deliberate) in their dealings with magazines, would they? So why isn't this sort of professionalism found in brand/blogger interactions?

Companies, bloggers aren't toys and they're not inferior to magazines. Klorane, your samples are going in the bin.


  1. You know how these are allegedly natural? The shampoo contained SLSs and made my scalp burn! x

  2. I received my sample but when I'd signed up, it said full size and there was nothing in the envelope to explain why it was now only a sample. I tried it, and it was ok, but I most likely won't be purchasing it as I prefer more than one use of something to sample it out. I wasn't that impressed!

  3. I'm glad you posted this - I also signed up for this offer (not being able to resist a freebie!) & my samples arrived the other day. I was disappointed, but thought I must've got confused, or read it wrong or something. I didn't realise they'd actually changed their offer. That's crap, you're right.



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