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Posted by on Thursday, September 01, 2011

Do you see what I did there with the title? DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

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So today is (just about) the first of September, 2011. All through the summer, even though I've had awesome nail polishes to wear, my peeling, soft, and weak nails are continually spoiling the fun. I refuse to take any more of this.



For the month of September (all 30 days of it) I will religiously apply these two products. Every. single. day. The short, slightly ominious looking blue one says to only apply two/three times a week, but I'm living on the edge. Every day. Under polish, most likely. Lol. Old habits die hard etc etc.

It'll be my first experience with Mavala...aside from a nail varnish drying spray and a set of nail files, I haven't really experimented much with them, and especially not with their new, revamped image. I'm hoping this nail serum and hardener set will help my nails. That and obviously eating healthier but that's so much effort, yano?

Also, seeing as it's the whole 'going back to school' period of time, I was floating the idea of starting a fashion/outfit blog, to blog the outfits I wear to sixth form (no more uniform. SCORE.) Would that be something anyone is interested in? *is nervous*

Anyone else making 'resolutions' this September? I have an excuse, you see. It's the start of the school year!


  1. Scientifique really does work! No resolutions from me I'm afraid :-)

  2. Does it really? That's so great to hear, I was really wary about it. You thought it was a good buy?

  3. I heard that the scientifque is good too, where did you find it? I did hear that you shouldnt over use it though as it can make your nails brittle and nail beds hurt. Hope you let us all know how it goes though :)

    Good luck with sixth form!!

  4. I'd love some outfit posts! :D good luck with your nails and sixth form! xxx

  5. NGL, I LOL'd at 'living on the edge' XD I hope this works! I've had peeling nails forever, but have always been too lazy to actually *do* something about them.

  6. dont forget to moisturize your nails, mavala scientifique can dry your nails super bad.

  7. Enigma: I bought it online! It was cheaper than Nail Envy so yeah. lol. I think it's drying out my nail beds (can't say I wasn't warned) but seems to be doing the trick!
    Thank you!

    Thanks for the feedback, luxiehoney! And for the luck, too. We're a week into sixth form, it's surprisingly enjoyable - so far. Just wait until the workload starts piling up...

    Lol, thanks SilhouetteScreams! I sometimes still forget to put this thing on though. So you're not the only one...I'm pretty damn lazy as well.

    Thanks for the advice, sabbatha! I noticed a WAY greater frequency of hangnails so will be taking your advice and moisturising that shit. Ta <3

  8. Have you any thoughts on the Mavala since you wrote this?


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