New MUA Polishes?

Posted by on Sunday, September 11, 2011

I found these beauties in Superdrug, and seeing as I've never seen them before I assumed they were new. Aside from the huge 'NEW' sticker that they're wearing...

First up, this gorgeous orange/red/coral mixture. This applied REALLY well, even for an MUA polish (which, even when you don't take the price into consideration, apply fantastically) and the colour would make a good pedicure colour for the summer. Which is sadly over (or never began, whichever way you want to look at it) but that doesn't stop me from wearing it.


Another gorgeous, bright shade that applied well...I'm convinced MUA have tweaked their formula to make it even more lush to apply, because I don't remember them being this great. They dry well between coats, don't bubble and don't chip badly until a few days in. My one bugbear with this is that the writing on the sticker wore off in record time, which just makes the bottle look tacky.


The purple heart of love is there to protect your eyes from that gross hangnail (sorry Loodie!) Moisturise, people. Don't be like me.



The last polish that I'm going to show you is this kkakhi coloured one. It's like an avocado green with a bit of sage and then lots of grey...very on trend. I didn't really expect to see something like this from a budget brand, so I'm pleasantly surpised. It wasn't as dreamy to apply as the previous two but it was still above average, so no complaints there.

I noticed one more autumn release on the shelves, so picked it up - it was a very light lilac polish. Took it home, opened it up to find gunked up polish all around the screws on the bottle. I really, really hate it when people test polish in store that isn't a tester, so will be returning that bottle to Superdrug. Pissed off.


  1. Love that last colour! It looks a bit Chanel-esqe =)

  2. Thanks, Veronica! I'm really pleased with these buys, considering they were only a pound each!

    *blushes* Thank you, imfeelingnail-venturous! I was worried about the state of my cuticles - Mavala seems to have dried them out a little bit! Will have to oil up...

    That's what I was thinking, asmaa17 (though obviously, at a mere FRACTION of the price tag) it reminds me of that collection they brought out. I hope MUA do a few more colours like this, even if they're only on a limited edition basis.

  3. i am in love with the khaki one so much. need to review it really xx


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