Kiko 262

Posted by on Monday, September 12, 2011

I have a confession to make...when I first applied this, I was slightly - unexplicably - disappointed. From the bottle, I'd been expecting this rich purple colour with some silver flash and all that, but in my artificially lit study, with the glow of my laptop screen as extra, I was just seeing three coats of a mauve polish with lots of pink, orange and a little green glitter in it. Nice - very nice, as it were - just not what I was expecting.

Viewing this baby in natural light, not to talk of sunlight, changed my mind completely.




Kiko, why you no name your polishes? Why you no readily available in the UK? Why you so pretty?


It's pretty opaque after three coats, but one thin one would do well as a coloured topcoat over a dark colour.


The name is Kiko. Kiko...262. Sounds like a prison number or something.

I didn't even have to colour-adjust for the purple to appear true to life. I'm pretty satisfied with this polish.


  1. Pretty Colour! Kiko Make Up Milano will have a store in Stratford City Westfield (from tomorrow)! So there will finally be a UK store =)


  2. Such a lovely color! Love the grass as the background too!

  3. oooh i love the pics in the natural light! so pretty

  4. I know. There's nothing to hate, Avery!

    Asmaa, NO WAY. That is awesome! (and perfect timing!) So they're finally coming to the UK? About bloody time...Thank you very much for sharing the news!

    I know right, Veronica!

    Lol, thanks imfeelingnail-ventorous! Still looking for a good background in the new house :L

    Thanks Pretty!

  5. They actually give names to polishes, you can read them on the website ;>


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