Uruguay beat Ghana (baaaad language)

Posted by on Friday, July 02, 2010

Uruguay beat Ghana. That's an entire continent (incidentally, the one where it's being held) out of the cup. My continent. And they beat us on penalties, too, which just adds to the anger.

fucking. suarez and his stupid handball act. DIE.

England is out, Nigeria is out, Ivory Coast is out, Japan is out, South Korea is out, Ghana are out, South Africa are out, Germany will probably be out.

Well, have fun with the cup, South America.


  1. lol yeah I feel like if they do that they should be banned from playing forever! Not just penalty..they would think twice b4 doing shitty things like that. I feel cheated.

  2. Didn't see it. The blatant cheating in football disgusts me so much I can't bear to watch. It's so spirit-sapping.

  3. @Pretty - yeah, I agree! I believe Suarez knew exactly what he was doing, which was buying time as he knew their goalkeeper was very good at taking penalties. Grr...makes me so angry.

    @jaljen - it's probably good you didn't, I was so tempted to chuck something at the television it's unreal :P


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