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So I'm making do with the three non french tip Konad plates that I own and I used the Miss Sporty Yellow to Konad these.

The thumb has the Hello Kitty design on it, the middle finger has a hugeass flower and every other finger has a rose.
I generally Konad on top of newspaper. I really love doing it, it's so quick and easy and then everyone assumes you've got a tiny little easel and a magnifying glass to be able to paint those designs on your fingers. White lies FTW.
How many plates do you guys own?


  1. Love the color combo and the gold really pops.

    I have too many plates total both konad/fauxnad about 80 or so...

  2. Some people say it's really hard and I know I'm a klutz so I'd make a mess. I wish I could do this but I know I'd end up with more smudges than a Monet in a rainstorm.

  3. I've just started stamping so only have 3 plates: 1 Essence and 2 Konad.

  4. rmcandlelight: Thanks! And wow, 80 plats? I'm crazy jealous :P

    jaljen: It's way easier than I thought it would be! The main problem, I think, is getting them lined up correctly but it can be done. I bet you'd be great at it :P

    KarenD: I've never tried the Essence plates, are they good? And thanks for your comments, guys!

  5. Monet in a rainstorm. LOL. You always write such witty comments :P


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