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Posted by on Sunday, July 04, 2010

Hey guys.

I went up to the big city with a friend yesterday and we took a look in Primark for their makeup products. I purchased a variety of things but this is the first one I'm going to show you.

This is in "Cobalt Blue". It comes in a squeezy tube.
That's the applicator.
I tried wearing this on my eyes but to get enough on to see the colour made it crease in about two seconds. It also makes your eyelids feel really greasy and heavy. So I don't actually know what you're meant to do with this product.
This is it sheered out. You can barely see it in the photo, but in real life there's this quite cool silvery sheen to it. Probably not noticable enough on the eye but you can use it as a sticky base for pigments or something as it does dry eventually if you've got a small enough layer on. I also tried using this as a lipgloss but it dried out my lips something crazy and stained them slightly blue.

All in all this is the weirdest product I've ever seen from Primark. However, the packaging is quite cool, reminds me of the retro style of Benefit or Soap and Glory.

UPDATE: (Monday the 5th of July, 2010) I went to work experience today with this sheered out as a base over my BellaSugar Shadows (Ariel) and an MUA colour, some green one, and it creased like the dickens. Those two shadows are quite creamy, yes, and it was hot. I'll give it one more shot and then it's consigned to the "never buy again" bin.

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