Packaging Change?

Posted by on Thursday, December 27, 2012

Recently, No7 were doing one of their voucher promotions. Mum, knowing that their Exceptional Definition is one of my favourite 'cheap' mascaras, kindly picked one up for me.

I thought it looked different, so compared it to my existing Exceptional Definition mascara. Voila:


I didn't have an issue with the old packaging, and don't mind the new either. Both look good to me. I've noticed the other mascaras in the line up have changed as well, some with pretty drastic colour changes (like bronze to metallic lilac, I think).
The actual product inside seems to be no different, it works just as before. My only question is, does this mean that No7 as a whole is getting a bit of a facelift? I've noticed that Boots' other own makeup brand, 17, has also streamlined the packaging of some of its items (most notably the Mirror Shine lipsticks, which are no longer metallic aqua blue and barrel shaped but black and cuboidal in shape).

If it does mean changes to the brand, I'm all for them. But this is only speculation. I guess we need to wait for 2013 to see if anything will happen!

Am I going mad or has anyone else noticed the packaging changes?


  1. They changed the packaging late September/ early October and sold all the old stuff off at half price. I panicked and thought they were discontinuing everything and bought backups of stuff D:

    Loving the new packaging for the 17 Mirror Shine lipsticks, I've bought quite a few of them now, will be posting pictures of all my lip products soon and you'll notice that I have a little obsession with them...

  2. I missed a half price No7/17 sale??? WHAT?!

    I'll keep an eye on your blog for those! I'm always on the hunt for new lip products (probably shouldn't be, considering how rarely I wear the ones I own...)


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