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In an attempt to cover all my unfinished business before 2012 sadly leaves us...The results of my trip to Westfield all those many moons ago. Et voila.

This five colour palette cost me £23.50. The sales woman was bitchy as well. And Inglot was sold out of many of the things I wanted to purchase. Overall, fairly terrible experience on their part.

Still, the mattes are pretty. It ultimately comes down to the product in the end. Does the product deliver? You bet it does.

Unlike most of the other mattes that I own, these don't require a white pencil base to be vibrant - though it does help, I won't lie. But a thick primer and maybe a cream shadow, and these will show up pretty true to colour on the lid with not many passes. They're easily blendable and aren't terrible on the fallout front (though they're not the best, but they're much better than my Sleek shadows, for example).

Would I repurchase? I don't know. I have tonnes of eyeshadow and let's face it, very few people regularly hit pan on eyeshadows unless they're doing makeup professionally. So I tend to spend less on powder eye products anyway. These were quite a steep price compared to my usual choices (Sleek shadows, Urban Decay box sets on promotion etc.) but the quality was quite improved. I'm undecided.


  1. Gorgeous colors, and I love the blue and yellow on you.

    Too bad about the price and saleswoman though.

    I never understand that.
    You would think that the high-end places would have the kindest salespeople...if they are going to rob you of your food money for the month, they should at least be nice about it.

    But no.

    They're always bitchy. ;__;

  2. Gorgeous colour combination! Sorry to hear about your terrible experience, seems like Inglot's sales associate are bitchy no matter where they work in the world. The ones at Times Square in NY were rude as hell, so were the California ones. What's wrong with these people? And it's not like it happens once in a while but EVERY single day and people publicly address their concerns and Inglot still hasn't changed anything. Not sure what to think about the brand, really..

  3. Exactly, ChaosButterfly! It stands to reason: the more money they want you to spend, the nicer they should act in order to persuade you :P Defies logic. Anyway.

    Thank you Anna! Sounds like bitchiness is some sort of Inglot policy. I get that staff have to interact with the public for long periods of time and everyone has a bad day, but not EVERY day as you pointed out.


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