MUA 'Undressed' Palette Swatches, Review

Posted by on Friday, October 12, 2012

MUA are probably one of the most prolific beauty brands at the moment (certainly of the budget persuasion.) It feels like every week, a new product is being released. I like it. It keeps the brand fresh in the minds of beauty bloggers/consumers in general, but without feeling tired. Plus, they're scoring hits rather than misses. Take this palette:


I personally prefer this to 'Heaven and Earth', as it feels a little less samey due to the greater variation in colour shades. It still only has one matte, but matte eyeshadows aren't really MUA's strength so I'm not disappointed. At the very least, the fact that MUA possesses not one, but TWO Urban Decay 'Naked' palette dupes in it's line up shows that it sure as hell knows what it's target audience want.


The light brown matte shade (third swatch in from the left) performed better than expectations! If MUA can keep up that sort of formula for future releases, their palettes will officially be on par with Sleek's. Unfortunately, given the horrible matte textures in 'Immaculate Collection' and 'Pretty Pastels' and pretty much MUA palette that I've owned ever, I suspect that the buttery softness of this particular shadow is a one off.

I think this palette will suit a pretty large range of skin tones, and it really is easy to work with. My criticisms would be that the packaging is quite easily damaged (see the very first picture) and that the absence of a matte black means that my shading options are a little limited if I were using soley this palette, but thats a personal preference. Not everyone likes to darken their crease with a little black shadow, that's just me.

For £4, (but with MUA being constantly on promotion either in-store at Superdrug or on it's website, you may well find it cheaper) I think this is a seriously solid addition to my makeup collection.

Who else has this palette?


  1. wow lovely pallet its got almost nude colors which is so nice

  2. Agree 100%, Bluewinx. For people that really like natural eyeshadow it's a winner! I personally prefer lots of colour in my eyeshadow but I do have days where I just want something clean and refreshing, and on those days I refer to a palette like this (or Storm/Oh So Special, both of which are by Sleek)


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