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Posted by on Monday, February 20, 2012

If you were curious, yes the title is a reference to both the sheer lipsticks produced by 17 Cosmetics and also the cute as cute can be Korean five member boyband. Don't judge, non-Kpop lovers. Don't judge.

I've been lusting these for the longest time, ever since the lovely 25fLONDON posted her amazing collection of these lipsticks. Being the cheap cosmetics lover that I am, though, I've always been a bit put off by the price - nearly a fiver for lipsticks that don't actually leave much colour and have the tackiest packaging I've seen in a long time? Not convinced.

Beehive, now sadly ruined after suffering severe squash injuries. It melted and as I tried to applied it the bullet snapped off and I had to fix it back on as best as I could (so not very well).


I asked for one for Christmas and my lovely parents got me Beehive. Hooked, I invested in two more when they were half price on the Boots website. Erm, and then I bought another three. Which equals quite a lot of sheer makeup. Ah well.

Ironically, I appear to be wearing 17's Magnetic Nail Polish in 'Lilac' in these shots. Coincidences!
Left to Right: Plum Perfection, Peace, Hollywood, Purple Haze, Cookie, Beehive (at the bottom)

Lip swatches here.


  1. LOL Beehive became the ugly step sister.

  2. Lol, loodie - tell me about it! Serves it right for melting, though...


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