January Empties. Late.

Posted by on Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm well aware we're nearly finishing February :(


Johnson's Face Cream - already repurchased because it's classy and has SPF in it and it's also very cheap and I like all of those things.

Barry M Base Coat - may repurchased, may not, I liked the fact that I could use it right down to the very last drop and it didn't thicken or anything, but it wasn't great at stopping chips. I'll shop around, see if there is anything better at a similar price point because again, this is very cheap.

MUA Pro 3 in 1 Eye Liner - I used this as a quick and easy eyebrow fill, but don't really like it as an eyeliner - far too soft, and not black enough. Wouldn't spend money on it.

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