November Empties (and a cheap makeup wipe review)

Posted by on Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On time! Sort of. yeah.

The big thing this month, for me, has been wipes. I love wipes. After a long day at college and an hour or two or three or four or yeah spent doing nothing productive on the Internet, you realise you have three pieces of homework due in the next day and so stay up until 5:30 doing them, sleep for an hour and then up to go to school again (yes, this has happened to me. On more than one occasion.) In this situation, makeup wipes save your skin from taking that hour long nap smothered by your makeup. Even though recently, I've been wearing my homemade BB Cream, it's not an actual cream - that is, you still need to remove it like you would regular makeup, especially if you put powder over the top like I do. It can still clog pores. So a quick wipe down with one of these minature blankets of goodness and maybe a quick rinse/cleanse if I remember, and that is all too often, my nighttime skincare routine.


I finished one packet of these Primark wipes and still have another to go...can't say I'm that keen, in all honesty. Their smell really puts me off, and they feel a little abrasive once you're done with them - I can't tell whether my skin feels strongly exfoliated or a little raw. If you don't moisturise immediately afterwards, your skin feels incredibly dry. All in all, I'm not keen. These are a pound for two packets of 25 wipes (so essentially, a pound for 50 wipes) which is good value for money. I suggest you try them and see whether you like them for yourself, but if you don't like strong smells then steer clear.


This Elizabeth Arden toner doesn't actually come with a spray pump, I fixed one on. I can't say I really know what to look for in a toner...(yes, that is a cop out) but this one seems nice. It gets off any remaining makeup on my skin, which is what it's for, right?


Lastly, these Tesco Value wipes. I personally prefer these to the Primark ones any day. They don't have a strong, unpleasant scent; they're soft and gentle on my skin, and leave it feeling slightly moisturised (or at least, not as dry). 25 wipes cost around 28p, I believe - clear winners here are Tesco. When I take that inevitable leap into University life, my student finances will welcome these.

What makeup wipes do you use?

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