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Posted by on Monday, November 28, 2011

I believe the last time I did one of these posts was yonks ago. So this is a few (a really small snapshot, actually) of the products I've used up since then.


Body scrub by the Sanctuary, Chit Chat pressed powder (empty pan) No7 Extreme Definition Mascara, Johnson's Daily Essentials 24 Day Cream for normal skin, Ted Baker travel size body souffle and also Max Factor Mineral Foundation in 'Bronze' (I kept it in the empty container after the moisturiser was used up).

The body scrub was quite good but not great or outstanding. The scent was pleasant and the colour and everything great. I don't think I'd repurchase as it didn't wow me.

The Chit Chat pressed powder was good for a quid. I liked the fact it was totally matte, disliked the fact that the shade range was so limited. This sat around, unused and unloved, for ages as for years I never used it. Since September, I've been getting into wearing a little powder or tinted moisturiser/BB Cream on my face, so it fell back into use. Unfortuately, the lid of the powder broke in my bag and about a third was spilt all over my schoolbooks and homework. From then on, it was relegated to my (imaginary) dressing table. Each time I used it thereafter, a little more (or a lot more) would crumble away, and finally one day I swear it up and commited suicide by falling the foot or so in height between my table and the floor, immediately shattering into a million billion tiny pieces and making a hideous mess in the carpet. Why me?

I really liked the No7 mascara, and as soon as I run out of my current ones, I will probably pick up another tube of this. The brush is the plastic kind that I favour, and the formula is great and isn't too wet (which I abhor). It does define well and doesn't take long to apply in the mornings. Thumbs up from me.

The moisturiser was so review is linked. It's not as moisturising as I'd like, but that's my fault for not buying the dry skin one instead.

^All since used up.

The body souffle was just alright. Nothing remarkable. The foundation is good, if a little orange toned on me. For a mineral foundation, the coverage isn't bad when applied with the right brush.

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