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So, nearly a term into the new school year, I finally emerge from behind my humungous pile of AS textbooks to say hi. Huge apologies for the lack of warning before I suddenly stopped updating. The step up in workload from GCSE to AS is insane and far more than I'd expected, especially with Physics amongst those subjects (thinking about taking Physics? Don't take Physics. So much effort.) coupled with the fact that I'd also got a new job and suddenly my school got all these new, attractive people (hot boys in my Science classes, was I really meant to be concentrating on molecules?) and my days turned into incessent studying at home, socialising at school (yes, these two should be the other way around) and going out pretty much every Friday night before work on Saturday and a frantic homework catchup on Sunday. Once again, huge apologies.

Stuff I've missed, apparantly, and am looking forward to:

The Magnetic Nail Polish Trend

Apparantly 17 have just brought out/are bringing out a set of magnetic nail polishes for only six quid or so, compared to Nails Inc's price tag of like twelve (plus the colours are pretty much the same) so I'll be looking out for reviews on those.

MUA's Eye Primer

Finally, I can buy eye primer at Superdrug...

Winter Nail Colours

Maybe it was the grotesque lack of summer experienced in this country this year, but I'm really in the mood for some dark, brooding winter nail colours, especially with the upcoming metallic/foiled finishes that seem to be in season. My collection is mostly cremes and jellys so I'm up for the opportunity to expand somewhat.

High Street BB Creams

Garnier started it, 17 have bought one out (that I'm ignoring as it only has two very light shades) and MUA are planning to release one later on. Please bring out some darker shades, please.

Inglot's Online UK Store

This was LONG overdue but I'm so psyched about it I can overlook the fact that we were basically the last people to get anything along those lines. I can continue to put off that trip to Westfield and order online - as soon as I get paid. I'm planning to /splurge/.

Hot Science Class Boys

Did I mention that we finally have some attractive people in my little old Catholic school. HELL TO THE YEAH


  1. Nice to have a little distraction in science! :D what other subjects are you doing?

    I got my hands on the blue 17 polish, (http://enigmatic-rambles.blogspot.com/2011/10/review-swatches-17-blue-magnetic.html) have to say I quite like it! I need to get the purple soon too!

  2. Jealous. There were no hot boys in my AS Physics class.

  3. Tell me about it, Enigma ;) I'm definitely not complaining!
    I'm doing all the sciences, actually :( Biology, Chemistry and Physics...oh, the joys. Hard work but good fun!

    Ooh, well done! I think I'll have to invest in a couple, then. I don't seen anyone else doing them for that price.

    Lol, Julianne! I'm so glad there are a few, our teacher is so incredibly dire that I'd just use the hour's lesson as a prologned nap otherwise!

  4. Oh well in which case you need plenty of distractions from all that science! :)

  5. the 17 magnetic polishes are great! the silver one especially! i did a post on them today :D you can have a look and make your own mind up :)

  6. I'm reading your post now, Emily - thanks for the link! I'll comment over there once I've read it :)


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