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Posted by on Sunday, February 10, 2013

In the run up to the Christmas period, Superdrug were having their (apparantly annual) 3 for 2 on all cosmetics. Naturally, with the help of my NUS card (and 10% student discount), I indulged.


I bought two of the pressed powder compacts as it's currently the only pressed powder I use. The rectangular palette closest to you is the new Concealer palette in the darkest shade. And although I have far too many eyeshadow palettes now, I basically collect Sleek ones so picked up their three newest releases - Snapshots, Respect, and Supreme.

MUA were doing a sale on their website - 30% off, I believe, with free delivery? So I got some of their new Pro items - namely the nail constellations and the lip glosses - as well as the Love Hearts lipbalms that I've blogged about before and their felt eyeliners. I did have some issues with this order though. Firstly:
I ordered from Models Own, Superdrug Online and E.L.F during the same period, and all three companies shipped me my order in a box, however small. Yes, I know postage was free (for that promotional time) but I found it slightly strange recieving the order in a jiffy bag. This may well be unreasonable, but I just don't feel it a) looks very professional and b) is necessarily the best way to keep items intact. The most breakable things, the Nail Constellations, were wrapped up in bubble wrap seperately from everything else, but still.

I opened up my (completely and utterly sealed, by the way) Sugar Lips Love Hearts lipbalm to find a very visible hair staring back at me.

Yeah. I won't be using that.

Emailed MUA on two different email addresses to inform them of the situation back long before Christmas - haven't recieved a reply since. Tweeted a reminder a few days ago - again, no reply. Unimpressed.

I also made a small E.L.F order, which I was pleased with. An eyebrow pencil was way too light for me, but other than that it was fine.

Did anyone else pick anything up in the run up to Christmas or in the January Sales?


  1. Oh that sucks about MUA's customer service, if I remember rightly loads of people had problems with the sale :(. I never managed to get anything but it seemed a bit of a mess.
    I do really miss my student discount though!

    Katie || Oh To Feel Pretty

  2. I'm going to write a bit of a rant about it, Katie. It's appalling for such a small company! I ordered during the sale on the 22nd of January and STILL haven't recieved any product. I'm pretty furious with them.

    The student discount is good fun! Though there are still plenty of ways to save money without it ;) Thank you for your comment Katie!

  3. it's so cool, i love your blog! 
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